Tuesday, March 1, 2011

list of 15 things and questions to go along with it

  1. mom
  2. dad
  3. sister
  4. dog
  5. ball
  6. house
  7. music
  8. flower 
  9. food
  10. shoes
  11. ink 
  12. lines
  13. lights
  14. bed
  15. art

  1. I am better at visualizing people than objects.  With people i can see motion and sounds a lot better than objects. 
  2. I did not pick many 2 dimensional items so I'm much better see or imagining 3 dimensional things. 
  3. For me to imagine things in my head i have to have a quiet place where i can just think. I know this because the people bellow me are really loud and when they are loud i have to stop imaging and come back to the assignment.
  4. When i just think about the idem/person it just in the front of my mind. However, the more i think about sound or even smells the deeper it becomes in my head.
  5. not sure what the last question is....sorry

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