Tuesday, March 1, 2011

two lists for my line story

  1. Sight- pool, water, the starting block, crowd, friends, family
  2. Sound-crowd, water/ getting in, cheering
  3. Smell-chlorine
  4. Touch-feel of water
  5. Taste- there isn't any taste
  6. balance-pulling up on the block to start
  7. Temperature- of water, air outside of pool
  8. Pain-emberisement, shame
  9. Pressure- to finish
  10. Motion and acceleration- of swimming, gliding into the wall, speeding up, heart racing
  11. Direction- finish line
  12. Temoral- finishing to soon

The emotions at the beginging of the race was filled with nervesnous. The mood was excitement. During it was happiness and the feeling of go go go. 

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