Thursday, March 10, 2011

photo lecture hw 3/4

The purpose of this picture is to capture a fun and happy night. I chose this picture because these are really good friends and one is my bestfriend.
The relationship between the photo and photographer is friendship.
When i look at this picture it makes me happy and also miss my friends from my last school.
This pic is intended to be viewed as a fun night with great friends.
This picture of me was taken by my mom for homecoming my sophmore year of high school.
I chose this picture because it one of the few pictures of myself that i can look at and be happy with myself. The purpose of taking this pic is to capture the beauty of the night. 
With me looking up at the camera it is as if i am inviting you into the pic and capture the moment with me.
I chose this pic because it shows an intemacy that draws you in. Their is no face just her back which is mysterious to me. With her allowing this person to take this pic it is showing trust and that she may love the person taking it. 

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