Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2-D Dots

These 3 picture are of my final 3.  The other ones that my table critiqued are similar, but these three are that strongest with composition and trying to get the three ideas across. The table said that i need to work on staying in the lines and coloring more neatly but they did say that the three before you are very neat and clean.
  The first picture on the left hand side is proximity. Proximity is an object or events that are near one another are perceived as they belong together as a unit. Proximity also can have tension. The middle picture is similarity. Similarity is things which share characteristics such as shape, size, color, texture, and value or orientation. With similarity it could be opposite, for example it could be similar because there all different, that's not the case with the middle picture, but it is possible. The last picture on the right hand side is continuance. Continuance keeps the eye moving in any direction, not just a straight line.
    This project was made out of cardstock and permanent markers.  I used  a circle template to draw out the circles. then I used the permanent markers to retrace and color in the dots.  This assignment was very creative on teaching me the three concepts listed above. It also go me to see it in other ways then just my own.

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