Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Class 3-D and 2-D

The first day started off very interesting. We where assigned a 3-D project which was really fun. We were to create a character either a daydream or a nightmare, then male or female, human or not, and every thing that went around the character like the time period, environment, age, job, body part, mood.  I created and evil fish. Then we all got up and did a runway. It was a great show.  The second part of the day was more on the lines of a lecture. Kathy started off saying that all art is about tension whether it is physical which can be discomfort or pleasure or with relationships or even spirit. Then Kathy went on about composition which is part of any of your senses. To compose is to join things together. The act of combining parts of elements and to form a whole. Then we talked about the elements of design line, color, value, texture, space. Then we where broken back into our tables to form an act to describe one of the elements of art. fun fun!!
With 2-D we learned about gestalt concepts: Proximaty, similarity, continuance, which is still Little fuzzy to me but with doing the hw assignment i hope it will help

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