Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the first 3-d project outside of class( the balls)

The first 3-D assignment outside of class was to make 3 balls the size of a basketball.  The first one was just the kin of the ball, the second one was just the inner structure of the ball, and the last one is the whole ball but without any glue. The first two we could use glue to hold the balls together. The first ball gave me a little challenge, so i ended up taking a basketball and gluing cardboard around half of it. I then slid it off and did the same again. Then I just glued the two halfs together.  The first picture is half of the first ball. The second picture is the final product of the second ball. the second ball i just cut circles  out then measured two inches in and drew another circle inside the ball.  Then i cut the circles in half then glued them together. the third pic is the final structure of the ball. The third ball was a challenge and I had to redo it  but the second one worked out. I do not have a Picture of it. it will come soon.
    Most of all they are made out of cardboard. We were told it would be hard but i truely didnt not grasp how hard until i was working with cardboard. Cardboard likes to be flat or a box not round. It is a great medium to work with but i would not choose if i had to.

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