Sunday, February 13, 2011

100 items 3D project

I took an item (candles) and made several different designs out of them. I made different patterns with turning then in different ways. On there sides upside down. I also stacked them in different ways.
The history of candles go way back. Man has used them for centuries to have light and stay warm. They go back as far as Ancient Egyptians. They are still used today to help aid travelers at night, lighting homes. The original ones where made out of beeswax. Candles started getting colors and scents because of American women. the invention of the light bulb started the decline of the usage of candles. There mostly used for romance or decoration. Dictionary term for candle is a long, usually slender piece of tallow or wax with an embedded wick that is burned to give light. There are several songs with candle in the title. Candle in the Wind, Elton John. Candle in the Window, Loan Kennedy. My favorite, Light my Candle, Rent. Old Flames Can't hold a candle to You, Joe Sun. There are too many poems to list them but most of them are holiday poems that mention candles.

One of my ideas on how to create a sculpture out of candles is to make a flower in a flower pot. I want to  bind them together with wax and if that doesnt work im thinking hot glue but am not sure yet.

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