Monday, February 14, 2011

human dots

with the human dots we gave ourselves a 4 for craft. we gave our self's a 4 because the pic were not blurry and really sharp.
for the use of negative space we gave our self's a 3.  We gave our self a 3 because the cups with the red was a bit distracting.. Also with Kevin's which are not pictures one could have been allot better. For the dots we gave our self's a 5 because you can actually tell our dots are dots. For human element we gave our self's a 4 because we use allot of humans in our pics which goes with our theme of individuality.
With theme we gave our self's a 5  because we achieved the goal of individuality.
With group process we gave the group a 3. In my mind that was very generous. We should have been more organized, people on time and people showing up and if they can not make it send someone in the group a text or call.
Also with this assignment i got upset because one person was suppose to print the pics in black and white and forgot to. Also another person only brought one pic. It is very frustrating to not be able to depend on my group. I can only depend on one of my team mates and it shows in the work.
Also with this assignment i got the wonderful opportunity to help out another group and another person. The pictures below are the pic from the group i got to help out. Even though my parents were not to happy with the pics but it is ART.

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