Sunday, February 27, 2011

Edits to my short story

It was Friday night and I had a busy day. This particular night is what I had been working for all school year, J.V. districts for swimming. I had worked very hard and I even stopped shaving my legs. The night before I shaved my body, I ate a lot of healthy carbohydrates, like pasta and bread and went to bed at exactly 7:00 pm sharp. I wanted to do my best.

         I got to the swim meet at Klein Oak with my team on the yellow school bus and everything was going great. I had swum my fastest and was dropping time left and right. With my final race coming up,
I stood behind the block that came up to my waist. As I stood in front of the eight-lane pool with the smell of chlorine all around me, thinking I am ready for the one hundred backstrokes. I had done this a million times before. I got in the cold water to start, with the roar of friends and fellow team mates all around. The starter said, “Swimmers take your mark”, I pull up, “GO”. Off the block I go with a great start gliding through the smooth water. I get to the next wall count my flags and I flip with my heart racing. I am going faster on my second lap, coach is yelling “GO GO”, and so I start swimming faster. I see the yellow and black triangle flag streamer above me. I glide into the wall and stop. Thinking I am done I get out and the timer said,
“You are not done”. I turn around to see that the race was not over, my fellow competition was still racing but I could not finish it, I was disqualified. Very disappointed in myself I started walking to my coach, as my mom is running from the viewing section on the second floor. Coach and my mom asked if something was wrong I said, “No” I just forgot it was a one hundred backstroke so I just did a fifty backstroke. Coach starts laughing, mom starts laughing and I start crying. I was so embarrassed.
It was districts the most important meet of the year. Coach hugged me and told me it was okay.

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