Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Modular madness pre-write up


1.The over all materials/candles work really well and it melted like a candle does. I really had to listen to candles and do what they wanted me to do them. so i melted them. 
2.I could have not used another material to do this project. The project helped give it the meaning behind the piece and it would just not be the same if it was something else.
3.I had several difficulties with using candles.It was not sticking with glue and I could not get it to do what i originally had in my mind. However, I listened to the candles and started melting them and it turned into a wonderful thing.
3.With the candles melting it changed the meaning of the piece. However, i really did not have a meaning to the piece so with it melting it gave me inspiration and the meaning of the candles. Also I found out that it is some what easy to melt wax. However, it is really messy and time consuming. 

  1. With the idea of rising above the scale it really does not. However, in parts i had to melt and mold some of the candles. It was at times playing with clay. It was kinda fun and interesting.
  2. The piece did change completely. I was wanting it to be a clean sharp piece and very neat. Also i wanted to go with geometric shapes, but with it not holding and the candles wanting to melt like candles it was not possible. 
  3. answered in 2
  1. The over all piece is very messy which works. It shows the meaning and what candles really do. I think it works with being messy and if it was clean it would not give the same feeling.

  1. Shape, color, texture, and space are the concepts that are really noticeable in my candle piece. The shape of the candles really are noticeable. It goes from being noticeable candle to melted one that you can barley tell that their candles. With texture it is the layers and the smooth parts of candles. Also there is the texture of the wax falling down the table.With space i really used the whole table to my advantage and also the side of the table.
  2. One of the dominating principle is rhythm. You get rhythm out of the pattern of the candle on the triangle pyramid and also the rectangular piece. Gravity is also a huge influence in the piece. With relating to LIFE gravity effects everyone. If it good or bad , is your opinion. Gravity was a huge part of the wax falling off the table. Also if there was not gravity the candle wax would not have fallen and given it the effect of being messy that i was aiming for.

  1. The piece consumes history of everyone. My favorite part is that it not only consumes, it brings in the present and the future. I talk about life and how it relates to candles. We involve candles in so many aspects of our lives.  Candles represent our lives and how we waist away and you never know how fast life will slip/melt away from you.
  2. The way it going to be presented has a big aspect of the piece. It is at waist hight or a little higher on me. It is suppose to represent an alter of any kind. If the piece was on the ground i would not have been able to the same idea of gravity and the aspect of life and memories left behind.

  1. I picked the spot i did to get away from distractions. I originally had a blank wall behind me, which i really like. However, someone from the other class put stick against the wall behind me which was very distracting to me.
  2. The table i chose is the biggest one in the room. It is small compared to the room, however, when you have an alter it only takes up a small portion to the room so it fit.
  3. with the surrounding element, the only issue i had was the sticks. also i had someone want to hang something above it, which would have stop me in the ability to light my piece, i was very greatfull that she was willing to move her art. However the only really big issue i had was being able to get the whole room dark. the windows in the space light the area more than i wanted it to be.

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