Saturday, February 12, 2011

larger than life/ Cardboard american Idol

For this assignment I was given an idem and was told recreate it at least 2 feet wide out of cardboard. I was given a pepper shaker lid. I did some research on the idem and found out that it is used by many people. However, it is normally metal. The Picture above is the bottom of it. I started off making this idem by cutting circles for the top lid that closes and the top of it that has the whole in it. After i cut the circles out, i cut strips out to form the seal of the lid. To make the seal round i ran it along the edge of the table. I saw Kevin do it and it worked so i did it that way.
I also did that with the bottom of the lid. Before i glued started gluing the lid together i cut whole in one of the circles. Then i measured the circumference of the bottom part of the lid to had the details of the sides. Then I glued rectangles on the sides and sand papered the top edge to give it a smooth edge which the lid does have. The only part i had a hard time with was the thing that connects the bottom and top of the lid together. I ended up making it several times.
When making it i had three ideas on what it could have been. One i was going to make a cup and drink out of it. Two i was going to make it a hat, and that is what i ended doing. The third one is a toilet seat.

the top of the pepper shaker

the bottom of the lid with wholes
all together minus the floppy thing that connects it 

The Jude's said that it is proportional with my body but would have liked more details. They also really like the performance of the paper coming out when i sneezed. The pics of me walking are from Geoffery.

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