Sunday, February 13, 2011

my list for the 2d project dues 2-14-2010

White background

  1. white roof top and dress like a ninja
  2. antartica, with black hot air baloons
  3. be mummies with black dots on us as blood
  4. wear black and climb up to the top of bamboo and take a pic on a clear day
  5. headlights at night and stand infront with black on to form dots
  6. bungee jumping in black at different times
  7. have tennis balls stuck in the fence
  8. top of a car with blood splatter
  9. houlahoop and take pic from above
  10. throw eggs at people
  11. be eating chocolate cupcake in all white
black background

  1. scuba dive into the bottom of the ocean and wear white suits and form dots and use black lights
  2. blackroom with white face and shine a light on our faces
  3. cut off our heads and take an ex ray 
  4. black roads and wear white and form a ball and take a pic. wear all white
  5. have black ground and have white cups in a fence
  6. passed out with cups all around
  7. jump a fence at night wear white and take pic
  8. go into a cave and shine flash lights on the wall
  9. a bunch of black cars all together and wear white and sit on the tops of cars
  10. have a high rise will all the lights out except a few to form dots 

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