Sunday, February 27, 2011

much needed line therapy

So the first song i chose to draw lines too was classical music made for studing. I was kinda peiceful but had a upbeat to it.

At all of the three above that i like the most is the middle one.
I used my fingers smugging the charcoal.
It looks like flames to me.
It relates to my feelings through the last weekend.

The next three are from the Beautiful piano music (2009) 

The first one represents the loops in the music piece. The loop is some what loose and not to tight. 
Not to aerie. 
The second one i had charcoal on the tips of my fingers . 
I really can not explain the last one.

The next three are when i was listening to angry music.

The first two are just lines. 
However the bottom one is crossing lines in an x pattern.
I really like how it starts off small at the top then grows bigger at the top.
Anger goes from small to big to even bigger.

This is my first ghost piece.
I really like it. 
I first drew lines across the paper and then wiped the lines off making it a mess.
Then i just  shaded the paper and wiped it off again. 
Then i did the steps all over again.
Then the lines you could still see i redrew them. 
After i did that i erased around the lines.

The song that went along with this one is UNPRETTY by TLC

Out of all of the art/marks i did today this one with the heart fits me most of all. My favorite shape is a heart. Also there is a lot on my mind and on my heart right now. However it would fit more if it was a broken heart. 

I never realized how much fun it would be to create lines. It helped distract me from life for just a few hours. It was very relaxing

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