Thursday, February 3, 2011

lecture #2(jan 28.- due feb.4)

I have to choose 3 artists and blog about them and draw a sketch of there work and post it. 

The first artist I chose was Mike Kelley. Mike Kelley like to take stuffed animals and make art out of them. 
The web site that i used is

The second person i chose is Henry Darger. He uses many mediums Collage, carbon tracing, pencil and watercolor. The art piece i chose to is Spangled Blengins. Boy King Islands. One is young Tuskorhorian, the other a human headed Dorteherean.

The third artist i chose was Linda Pettway. Linda does quilts out of fabric.

The quilt that i picked is called Blocks and Strips, it was made in 2003

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